Digital coaching activates employees and builds agility

Cognician’s digital coaching programs deliver life-changing learning at lower cost than instructor-led training, and in half the time.

10 Years

Celebrating ten years of changing
hearts, minds and habits at scale.

What business outcomes can we help you achieve?

Our digital coaching programs are designed to build capability from within. Through self-directed learning, users develop a reflective mindset that facilitates new ways of thinking and working.

Improve efficiency

Tighten efficiencies with self-paced learning targeted at real business and learner needs.

Boost performance

Drive performance with digital coaching tailored for the moment of need.

Cultivate agility

Drive responsiveness with hyperpersonalized learning that fosters engagement.

Influence culture

Change the way things get done by changing the habits of your people.

Custom solutions

Digital Coaching Programs

Highly engaging and effective online learning focused on mindset and behavior change.

Workshop Insight Programs

Workshop insight programs are short Digital Coaching Programs used to prepare leaders or employees for strategic workshops.

Workforce Competency Assessments

Traditional assessments as well as scenario-based assessments, which are more objective.

Multi-Day Challenges

The multi-day challenge solution for rapid behavior change gives learners things to do and things to think about that activate new behaviors and enable agility.

Client-ready programs


Gazelle makes it easy for you to make small changes that have a big difference to your overall health and wellbeing.

Includes the following:
Multi-day challenge format with 100s of behavioral challenges
Lifestyle, mental health and motivation screenings, which personalize each participant’s journey
Personalized behavioral challenges with actions and reflections for state of mind, hydration, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and symptoms
Tips and support for behaviour change

The Credibility Quest

The Credibility Quest helps you to eliminate behaviors that detract from your credibility, and build habits that boost your credibility.

Includes the following:
Multi-day challenge format, enriched with powerful video lessons
30 lessons focusing on five key skills: posture, voice, eye contact, eliminating fillers, and avoiding uptalk
Short sessions – each no longer than 15 minutes – to accommodate busy schedules
Guided virtual coaching with video lessons, online practice exercises, and offline practice suggestions


The Futurethink programs help your people to eliminate complexity and boost efficiency and innovation.

Includes the following:
Digital coaching program format
Practical guides to putting inspirational into action
2.5 hours of learning per program

The Delight Quest

The Delight Quest helps your people to adopt simple behaviors that have a disproportionate impact on the strength of their relationships with colleagues and customers.

Includes the following:
Multi-day challenge format with 18 behavioral challenges
Challenges target moments that matter in our encounters with others
An employee experience activation campaign that goes beyond technical support for people and into the heart of what naturally inspires us to work together effectively

The Inclusion and Diversity Quest

The Inclusion and Diversity Quest reduces bias and encourages inclusive behaviors.

Includes the following:
Multi-day challenge format with 15 behavioral challenges

We track and report on engagement and change


Total number of chat sessions


Total time invested in digital coaching


Total users who practiced self-reflection in the past year


Total number of coaching insights shared by users



Positive self-coaching outcomes

“In all my years of elearning, this is the closest thing I’ve seen to what real learning should be.”

Amanda Jordaan
Global Services Capability Director, Dimension Data

BrEdTech Awards 2020 Finalist

Credibility Quest

Cool Tool category

Brandon Hall Bronze Award

HCM Excellence

Best Advance in Creating a
Learning Strategy 2019

Brandon Hall Gold Award

HCM Excellence in Talent Acquisition 2017

Best New Hire
Onboarding Program

CIPD People Management Awards 2019

West Midlands Police

Best L&D initiative
– public/third sector

FT Innovative Lawyers Awards Nomination 2019

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