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Digital coaching programs deliver learning and change improvements at lower cost than instructor led training and in half the time.

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Change thinking, change behavior

We adapt client IP into our self-coaching format and create online and blended learning programs that change thinking and behavior. Our platform assesses current mindset and behavior and creates adaptive learning paths that include our self-coaching modules, as well as other learning content, which can be hosted on our platform or elsewhere.

Self-coaching, self-paced

Our learning modules are called cogs, which is short for coaching guide. Using a cog is like chatting to a coach. The cog asks you the kind of questions a coach would ask. Questions that steer your thinking in new directions. No, it’s not artificial intelligence. Rather, it's a script of powerful questions that make your learning experience feel as natural, simple and engaging as having a chat. Cogs can be used to assess, guide or survey a learner’s thinking.

Track and report on engagement and change

Cognician tracks and aggregates engagement and survey data. We compile this data in reports that show change over time.

How can we help you develop your people?

Here’s how we’ve helped our clients create and sustain change in their organizations

  • Portfolio Item

    Blended learning program to help CCI’s clients get to grips with TRACC, a system that enables accelerated operational effectiveness and efficiency improvement.

    Portfolio Item

    Self-coaching program for independent direct sales consultants

    Portfolio Item

    Blended learning program to impart coaching skills to leaders across the De Beers group.

    Portfolio Item

    A survival guide for new managers, integrated with our client-ready solution, Leadership Accelerator.

  • Portfolio Item

    A program on the psychology of change.

    Portfolio Item

    A program to help Dimension Data’s managers to understand, facilitate and support change within the company.

    Portfolio Item

    A program to help Allan Gray’s employees to reflect on the company’s values and how they impact on their work and lives.

    Portfolio Item

    A program to onboard RMB graduates and guide them through their first year in the company, as well as a portal that makes a number of our client-ready solutions available to RMB employees.

  • Portfolio Item

    An award-winning performance support program to help new, emerging and established leaders to identify their weaknesses and coach themselves to excellence.

    Portfolio Item

    A customizable blended learning program that helps people in large organizations to develop simple habits that make a big difference to their customers and colleagues.

    Portfolio Item

    A program to help individuals explore and unpack their assessment results from Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder®.

    Portfolio Item

    A program to help employees win the hearts and minds of today's discerning and demanding customers.

  • Portfolio Item

    A diversity and inclusion program built in collaboration with Dr Bernardo Ferdman.

Our Programs

We partner with our clients to create unique learning experiences

  • Does your management team struggle with the practical demands of managing people and processes despite showing great potential? Are they missing the self-awareness characteristic of all true leaders? Leadership Accelerator is a suite of more than 200 cogs (‘coaching guides’) that help managers identify their management weaknesses and coach themselves to excellence in 36 key leadership competencies.

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    "Leadership Accelerator has impacted me a lot in my career as well as personally. The assessments that are available have helped me to deal with a lot of things like knowing myself and dealing with others, facing challenges and networking, emotional maturity and visionary thinking, leadership, and dealing with complex things. This is a great program and I would recommend it to others so it can help them cope with their challenges and improve their thinking."

    Phumelele Mdaki, Telkom

  • How much do you know about how powerful you really are? Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder® has helped more than 10 million people to discover their strengths. Now you can take the next step and learn how to take advantage of your strengths so you can reach your full potential. StrengthsEngage™ doesn’t just benefit the individuals, though. Because users become more self-aware and self-reflective through the questioning process, they get a better understanding of where their greatest potential sits. They can capitalize on this to bring greater productivity and positivity to their workplaces.

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    "Thank you for the opportunity to have done the StrengthsEngage™ 'cogs'. It has been life changing, exciting and extremely helpful. Now I can focus on my strengths even more in the future in becoming someone who will be using and enjoying their strengths to the max."

    Lorraine Spaan, 70

  • Would you rather have a satisfied customer or a delighted customer? By taking your people on a journey through Delight@Work™, you can take your company’s relationship with your customers to a delightful new high. The 18 cogs that make up this customizable program help users to reflect on simple but powerful methods of improving their interactions with colleagues and customers. By developing an authentic spirit to serve, individuals delight themselves and customers in turn. Win-win!

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    "Delight@Work™ has bridged a gap in my previous stagnant thinking from just compulsory professionalism in the workplace, to valuing the people I interact with, as feeling individuals. I have realised that this is the key to business and personal relationships – understanding – which creates a connection."

    Celia-Anne Rudolph, Automate

  • It is increasingly challenging to move beyond customer satisfaction to creating true customer loyalty. Customers expect more, have more demands on their time and are inundated with more choices than ever before. Our Customer of the Future™ series, co-created with internationally-recognized customer service expert Cindy Solomon, helps you and your employees address these issues with your own customers. Explore interactive tools and engaging stories that will help your team leverage your competitive advantage by turning every customer interaction into a loyalty generating experience!

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    "I love this e-learning concept and approach. It encourages employees to really think about what specific things they can do or need to do to create the Power of One within our entire organization. I have seen Cindy speak a number of times and the module successfully captured something essential about her voice. Well done and keep up the great work!"

    Jeanne Davis, Reservations Manager, Alaska Airlines

  • Being present in the moment sounds simple enough, however, many people find this difficult. The practice of mindfulness aims to train people to focus on the present moment and clear the head of the noise that can make it so hard to concentrate. Mindful Revolution encourages intense commitment to the practice of mindfulness through a 7–week programme. Participants can explore the six components that make up mindfulness, namely; Focus, Innovation, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Compassionate Leadership and Empathic Listening.

    "Mindful Revolution does exactly what it says it does. The course is entertaining, engaging and easy to absorb. I applied the tools to all aspects of my life, not only work and can see clearly the posiitive impact it has had and continues to have. Improved emotional control, better decisions, more effective and happier overall, I am even cycling faster. All can benefit from Mindful Revolution!”.

    Christopher Allflatt, (ILS Enneagram Master Coach and Trainer)

  • Cognician, in collaboration with Dr. Bernardo Ferdman, has developed a first-of-its-kind diversity and inclusion program. Inclusion@Work™ challenges participants to assess their practice of inclusion in the workplace and combine that knowledge with industry leading expertise. The result is a program designed from the ground up to create, sustain, and support an inclusive environment.

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Our clients say it best

  • "I think the engagement is great, and I'm referring to the motivation it inspires and the way they structured the program... You're never too old to learn soft skills! I enjoyed this engagement and am looking forward to further communications."

    Johan Vorster

    Johan Vorster, Standard Bank

  • "In all my years of eLearning, this is the closest thing I've seen to what real learning should be."

    Amanda Jordaan

    Amanda Jordaan, Dimension Data Management Services (Pty) Ltd

  • "LA is a great practical guide to assist any manager in rekindling the flame of true leadership. The wide variety of topics and information are a source of inspiration. It's changed my view on a number of topics, but the benefit that stands out for me is that it brought me back to the point where I could realize that I am, in fact, part of a great team! All that's required is to engage in an 'I need to learn and I care' attitude. The positive response to this leadership behaviour is tremendous. It's already created a new energy and drive in my world and the world of those around me. Thanks for a brilliant programme!"

    Francois Joubert

    Francois Joubert, Standard Bank

  • "When I was first introduced to Barry and Patrick Kayton of Cognician in 2011, I was immediately struck by their comprehensive understanding of the learning environment and the highly innovative way in which they were addressing the challenges in this field. Our company felt their learning platform would be an ideal vehicle to complement our TRACC Integrative Improvement System. We liked the look and feel, the insightful questioning and coaching technique and the technology platform. We have been partnering with them over the past year and the initial reaction from our clients such as Du Pont, Weetabix, TruTest and IPL is very favourable. We are very excited to be taking a combined product to the market in 2014."

    Pat Whelan of CCI loves Cognician

    Pat Whelan, Competitive Capabilities International (Pty) Ltd

  • "I've thoroughly enjoyed using LA. I found the conversational style an effective way of presenting the content, less “tiring” than the usual slideware approach that I’ve encountered on other CBT courses. The external references add additional depth to each topic which I really appreciated. The biggest impact has been a deepening of knowledge and making me more mindful of how to be more effective when serving as a leader."

    David Preece

    David Preece, Standard Bank

  • "My experience with Cognician has really opened my mind towards the way I think or view certain problems I am faced with each day. With the help of Cognician I am confident in finding research for my assignments, writing my assignments, doing presentations and so much more. Thank you Cognician for helping me not only achieve my academic goals but also open mind and turn me into a great thinker."

    Za-eema Salie

    Za-eema Salie, SACAP

  • "My experience so far with the LA has been fantastic! I really enjoyed the first workshop and found it really useful engaging with my collegues on topics which are close to all of our hearts. The online learning platform is easy to use and very practical. It's fast and easy to get the highlights on a particular topic and the coaching style of questions is conducive to digging deep and developing personal insights."

    Jayvant Parshotam

    Jayvant Parshotam, Standard Bank

  • "Using a cog is like having a digital consultant help you through all the things you need to consider about TRACC, asking the questions that get you thinking and offering relevant further reading as you go. It’s a different and innovative take on learning."

    Vaughan van Dyk

    Vaughan van Dyk, Competitive Capabilities International (Pty) Ltd

  • "Leadership Accelerator has impacted me a lot in my career as well as personally. The assessments that are available have helped me to deal with a lot of things like knowing myself and dealing with others, facing challenges and networking, emotional maturity and visionary thinking, leadership, and dealing with complex things. This is a great program and I would recommend it to others so it can help them cope with their challenges and improve their thinking."

    Phumelele Mdaki

    Phumelele Mdaki, Telkom

  • "The TRACC overview cogs provide an engaging and effective introduction to each of the TRACCs, allowing the user to explore the content in a directed and reflective manner. They are both well designed and developed, and the interface is intuitive and user-friendly."

    Kristy Slade

    Kristy Slade, CCI - Competitive Capabilities International (Pty) Ltd

  • "Self-evaluation and intrinsic reflection used to feel like punishing activities to perform. However, through the iShift program, I have been able to ask myself, as well as truthfully answer, some really difficult questions. I love the fact that I use iShift as a tool to remind myself of what I really want to do when having to make tough decisions."

    Lethabo Motswaledi

    Lethabo Motswaledi, Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

  • "I thought that the Discover Your Career promotion was very clever. It gave me a lot of insight of what I need to take in terms of my subject choices and what i might want to become one day. Lastly, I think that it was great in the sense, that it showed you what characteristics about you, can make you think a lot differently about what you want to become"

    Jessica Fair

    Jessica Fair, Brainwave Careers

  • "It's been a privilege working with the Cognician team in producing the Ideas4Results online course. Not only do they boast a world-class learning platform, but the team are a pleasure to work with. They take immense pride in the finished product, and work alongside you as true partners to produce something everyone is proud of. I look forward to a fantastic partnership for many years to come!"

    Gavin Symanowitz

    Gavin Symanowitz, Ideas4Results

  • "I was pleased with the opportunity Telkom gave me to attend this Leadership Accelerator on-line course from Cognician. This was one of the best leadership courses I have taken. From the start I realised that this could change my life professionally and personally. I am an introvert and this pushed me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to make a difference."

    Theresa Barnard

    Theresa Barnard, Telkom

  • "I feel that Cognician is an amazing platform to learn on. Firstly, the way the user interface is set up makes me excited to learn. The way in which the tool directs you to think beyond what you would initially think, through the use of resources they make available, really broadens your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter."

    Wisaal Behardien

    Wisaal Behardien, Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

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