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Personal motivation is the most important thing in learning

People learn best when they're personally motivated. Aristotle called it "the desire to know" and it comes from feeling connected to new ideas. When people see how new ideas can help them improve relationships, achieve goals or realise values, learning becomes effortless. That's why we designed Cognician to recreate great conversations. Cognician's questions provoke thinking. Users learn from their responses. And these online chats lead to change.

We work with partners

We’ll help you create lasting positive results in the people you reach. The trend towards online learning is growing. But you're not looking for e-learning software. You need a platform that can do what you do face-to-face. Cognician's chat-based methodology can do that. Let us help you integrate your company's language and IP into self-coaching modules that simulate the experience of chatting with an expert teacher, mentor or coach. Our methodology incorporates the user experience into the learning equation, making learning personal and 'sticky'.

We work with clients

We'll work with you to develop bespoke software solutions that utilise self-directed e-coaching to effect positive behaviour change, increase self-awareness, develop people and create leaders within your organisation. Imagine being able to track the progress of your users, monitor results, see change... all the while saving money while your users make valuable gains in reaching their potential. Contact us and let’s see what great work we can do together!

We sell products

We can turn your intellectual property into a powerful tool by creating customised software that uses your company’s language to provide solutions to your issues. We can transform your IP into our online self-directed modules that provide the measurable positive changes you’re looking for in your users.