We change organizations, one mind at a time, through self-coaching

At Cognician we believe in the power of ideas to change the world. Because when people are guided by great ideas they can do great things. That’s why it’s our mission to make learning experiences that help people to use great ideas every day.

To do this we follow a simple formula:

Change = Inspiration + Guidance + Follow-through

We inspire change by telling great stories. We guide learners with powerful mental models that steer their thoughts and actions. We support the development of new habits by helping learners to follow through over time on the commitment to change. And when these elements work together in harmony, driven by the power of Cognician’s cloud-based platform, we have a recipe for sustainable change at scale.

A simple formula, driven by a powerful methodology

The ASAP Design Process

ASAP stands for Atomise, Structure, Activate, Personalise.

  • Atomise: We break down complex client IP into discrete chunks.
  • Structure: We organise concepts into memorable, actionable frameworks.
  • Activate: We create questions that enable learners to internalise powerful new concepts and turn them into action.
  • Personalise: We build the learning experience around the learner’s personal context.

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We have expertise and a platform for creating and deploying self-attestation or scenario-based assessments.

Data Visualisations

We visualise individual scores and aggregated data at a point in time, and we can show how it changes over time, and according to user characteristics.

Adaptive learning paths

ALPs provide individuals with automatic, adaptive, personalised content. WYSIWYN – What You See Is What You Need.

Coaching Guides

Cogs enable organizations to support and sustain behaviour change programs incrementally, achieving greater speed to mastery at lower cost, particularly for distributed field staff and frontline supervisors.


We record and time-stamp every user interaction, which means we collect copious data (both quantitative and qualitative) from users. When analyzed, the data yields new information and knowledge that can be used for business intelligence.


Our playbook includes all the best practices we’ve learned from all of our clients, which means we help each new client to mature the capabilities of their learning and change teams.