Axe Low-Value Calendar Tasks to Make More Time for Digital Coaching

When it comes to setting aside time for learning, given our manic 21st century lives, finding even an extra 10-15 minutes each day can seem like a tough ask.

That’s why it’s important to prioritize, or more importantly, de-prioritize the tasks or activities that are getting in the way of your learning or which are simply not worthy of your time.

Sal Giambanco, an early employee at PayPal and their first HR Director, had this to say to Cognician CEOs, Barry and Patrick Kayton: “As a CEO, at the beginning of every month, you should be getting rid of 25% of the tasks in your calendar and replacing them with things that have strategic value to your business.”

By adopting the same approach when it comes to digital coaching, you stand to benefit from the positive compound effect of learning on your career and its impact on activating behavior change.

The idea here is to make more time for your automated coaching commitments by swapping out the low-value uses of your time. If it sounds simple, it really is. All you need to do is:
1. On a blank page, brainstorm all the non-essential activities that use up more than five minutes of your day.
2. Identify the three lowest-value uses of your time that you could do without.
3. Schedule dedicated time for digital coaching in their place.
4. Hold yourself accountable to this new commitment.

You’ll be surprised how much time you can eke out by simply cutting away the fuzz. Good luck!

What could you achieve if you dedicated more time to digital coaching?