Embrace Uncertainty and Master New Skills through Digital Coaching

Learning something new can be an uncomfortable experience. We might take a few steps, wobble, and fall over. We get up, and we fall over again. We do this repeatedly, until eventually we learn to walk.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and give up in the beginner stages of learning. To look at the pros, who’ve already completed their 10 000 hours, and desire their level of mastery. But it takes persistence, grit, and a whole lot of hard work to get there.

I have a childhood friend whose mother is today a famous botanical artist. Her work is exhibited in collections around the world and she’s a sought-after illustrator of books and botanical journals, as well as an esteemed lecturer in her field. Often, when I visited their home in the early ’80s, she’d be studying a floral specimen in a vase on their table, transferring its exquisite detail through fine brush strokes into her now iconic watercolors. An equally familiar sight were the crunched-up balls of paper dotted around her workstation.

Digital coaching moves your learning forward

In the early days of practicing a new art, learning a trade, starting a business, or creating something of value, you’re bound to experience uncertainty. The question is, how will you overcome this? To become a master of anything, you need to learn to embrace uncertainty. With continual questioning and sustained practice, we move a little closer to mastery. One step, or brushstroke, at a time.

In our automated coaching programs, we design learning paths that support each learner’s unique profile and experience. Wherever you are in your learning journey, we encourage you to be curious about what you’re learning and to embrace uncertainty with a beginner’s mind. Through self-directed learning and reflection, digital coaching brings you closer to achieving your learning goals and activating behavior change.

What learning hurdles could you overcome with digital coaching?