Practice Digital Coaching for Greater Mindfulness

In the face of change, we can either continue driving ourselves into the ground trying to just survive, or we can slow down and make some change of our own to start thriving.

Thanks to the neuroplasticity of the brain, we can build new pathways and literally change the structure of our brain – which in turn changes the way we think, feel, and behave. The field of neuroscience has explored and explained how mindfulness is a technique to help us do this.

The frontiers of discovery in neuroscience and development in technology meet in digital coaching: by facilitating a process that can enhance awareness and mindfulness, you can rewire your brain in a mindful way to help you thrive. This frees you to start consciously choosing how to respond, rather than reacting from your default patterns.

Every time you progress through a digital coaching guide (we call these cogs), you have the chance to literally build a new way of thinking, as each part of the learning experience is intentionally designed to give you the tools to do so yourself. The benefits are not limited to the experience online – thinking in a new way has positive impacts that ripple through the rest of your life too and helps in the activation of behavior change. Therein lies the power of automated coaching.

Here’s how it happens in a cog, and how you can apply these maps in your own life:

1. Become present in the here and now, cutting out distractions and competing demands. This is the key to increasing awareness.
2. Reflect on your experience, authentically and courageously.
3. Generate your own insights. Through a series of powerful questions, a journey process is facilitated to help you make your own discoveries and meaning.
4. Choose an action. Committing to the next step you want to take in light of your insights is a powerful transition point.
5. Follow through can be facilitated with a reminder, inviting to you to come back and reflect on how things went.

In what areas would you like to see transformational behavior change that digital coaching could help facilitate?