The New Metrics of Digital Coaching

In the time it takes you to read this blog post, how many distractions will have popped up on your screen? Email notifications, social media comments, software updates, you name it. Never before has the competition for our attention been so great.

And it’s no different with online learning.

I recently completed a digital coaching program on Cognician’s online platform, and it would be remiss to measure what I learned based on the number of coaching guides completed or the time spent on the learning platform. What really stood out for me were the ‘aha’ moments; the little epiphanies that acted as road markers along my learning journey. I enjoyed the thought-provoking questions that led me to reflect deeply on the topic areas, and I felt inspired to practice what I’d learned.

What’s the deeper human goal of learning?

In Tristan Harris’s Ted Talk, How better tech could protect us from distraction, he poses an interesting question:

“What if we had technology whose entire purpose and goal was to help create net new positive contributions to human life?”

Applied to online learning, what if the success of the program was measured by the number of positive conversations, the shifts in mental models, the activation of behavior change and the insights generated? It’s easy to measure time spent on learning and the number of completions, but these aren’t necessarily a measure of lasting behavior change.

What’s powerful about digital coaching is that it’s designed to elicit rich insights through the kinds of questions a coach would ask. It generates the quality attention of a one-on-one coaching conversation. And it can be customized to achieve performance gains in almost any area where organizational learning is required at scale.

These are just some of the areas where Cognician’s automated coaching programs have been used to generate life-changing conversations and life-changing learning:

Strengths-based coaching in a Fortune 500 financial services organization: 800 chats, with 273 insights shared
Leadership development in a global bank: 976 chats, with 728 insights shared
Soft skills development in the professional services industry: 891 chats, with 1 441 insights shared.

With digital coaching, learning is self-directed and the learner is more focused and engaged. Our client testimonials emphasize the accessibility of this approach to online learning:

“Cognician is an amazing platform to learn on. Firstly, the way the user interface is set up makes me excited to learn. The way in which the tool directs you to think beyond what you would initially think, through the use of resources they make available, really broadens your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.”

“The online learning platform is easy to use and very practical. It’s fast and easy to get the highlights on a particular topic and the coaching style of questions is conducive to digging deep and developing personal insights.”

“I applied the tools to all aspects of my life, not only work, and can see clearly the positive impact it has had and continues to have.”

Let’s continue the conversation Tristan Harris started about redefining the core value of the technology we consume. Let’s prioritize this new metric, which is less concerned with time spent, but rather time spent well.

What is the net positive contribution of your online learning initiative?