Cognician is a leading-edge digital coaching platform that makes behaviour change sustainable at scale through reflective learning – and we’re one of the best in the world! We have our eyes on the top spot, and we’re looking for an editor who wants to help us get there by making our programmes the best they can be.

You’ll have the opportunity to support the existing programmes we’ve already created, and to help us build more of them. You’ll be working very closely with the content development team to refine and deliver top-class content. Ultimately, you’ll ensure quality at all levels. Your detail-orientated nature, obsession with accuracy and consistency, passion for learning, and talent for putting yourself into the shoes of the user will be what makes you stand out from the rest.

If this resonates with you, then we’d love to chat with you. Curious? Inspired? Then read on to discover what we’ll be expecting of you.

Job description

  • Structuring and editing content for Cognician’s internal and external digital platforms and products to effectively deliver great learning and user experience
  • Managing, coordinating, prioritising and editing content, focusing on accuracy, consistency and simplicity
  • Editing content using a variety of different tools (including website creation tools such as WordPress, word-processing tools, Google Docs, and in-house content development tools)
  • Editing content for both UK and US audiences, where required, ensuring that the requisite grammar and spelling rules are meticulously applied
  • Managing a number of concurrent projects
  • Ensuring that content is accurate and consistent and adheres to Cognician’s digital publishing style guide and brand standards
  • Assessing/auditing the quality of the products (internally and externally) and working with production and account management representatives to optimise product quality
  • Timeously delivering edited content to the content development, editorial, design, production and technical teams to enable successful and on-time product launches
  • Collaborating with Learning Experience Designers (LXD) to implement client feedback on content

Detailed responsibilities

Maintaining editorial excellence

  • Ensuring that edited content is relevant, of a high standard, and meets all internal deadlines
  • Contributing towards content development by ensuring that high-level and technical information is translated into lay-friendly language
  • Implementing internal and external client changes in collaboration with the content developer
  • Ensuring that all content meets client and user/reader objectives and needs in terms of both copy and structure
  • Ensuring that there are no errors in copy or content by making sure that it has been fact-checked and is grammatically correct
  • Ensuring that all copy is aligned to the style and tone of client (internal or external)
  • Picking up queries, and, where necessary, discussing them with Managing Digital Content Editor
  • Maintaining consistency of copy and content by ensuring that there are no repetitions or contradictions
  • Updating the company’s style guide when necessary, to keep it relevant, useful and comprehensive (in consultation with Managing Digital Content Editor)
  • Managing editorial requests and changes, ensuring that they best serve each project and also meet our clients’ objectives
  • Ensuring that content within each learning programme is consistent, fit for purpose, and contains all required elements
  • Checking consistency and accuracy of all elements within prescribed structural frameworks

Collaborating in content development

  • Participating in internal and external meetings (where required)
  • Working closely with the content development team
  • Assist with the management of contract editors where necessary
  • Participating in the company’s internal workshops
  • Supporting the content development and production teams to produce high-quality work to brief, and to standard required, on time and within budget
  • Understanding client (internal and external) objectives
  • Providing creative solutions to clients and challenges, and action requested changes
  • Handling client (internal and external) communications with professionalism and friendliness
  • Managing timeframe and deadlines set by clients (internal and external)
  • Developing an understanding of internal and external clients’ needs and views through interpreting and actioning requested changes
  • Maintaining efficient and focused use of time on very tight schedules
  • Assigning work to other team members in consultation with Managing Digital Content Editor where necessary
  • Sticking to deadlines and flagging concerns


You have …

  • A Bachelor’s degree or similar, preferably in languages; but if you found beauty in the grammar of gene sequencing during your genetics degree, or you obsessively lined up the parentheses in your programming code during your ComSci degree, or you marvelled at the periodicity of the notes in the music of the spheres during your Physics degree, then you’re probably made of the right stuff
  • Minimum 3 years editing or related experience
  • A background in writing, editing, digital content management or e-learning

And if you’re like the rest of our team, you probably have some arcane skill or accomplishment that makes for good banter.


You have …

  • Experience writing/creating and editing business, educational and/or technical content
  • Experience producing a diverse range of materials, such as features, technical articles, white papers, marketing articles, presentations, educational materials, tutorials, newsletters, scripts and wikis
  • Experience working in a fast-paced technical environment essential
  • Experience and/or an interest in technology, business, e-learning, self-development and the digital sphere will be advantageous. Coaching, counselling, psychology, e-learning or teaching experience also beneficial
  • Expert-level knowledge of online and print publishing processes and tools beneficial
  • Familiarity with dynamic content delivery systems beneficial
  • Experience editing content for both US and UK publications and audiences beneficial


You have …

  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Pitch-perfect email etiquette
  • Einsteinian problem-solving skills
  • An understanding of HTML, XML or similar markup languages
  • Excellent command of MS Office or Google docs
  • Facility working with multiple software platforms
  • Outstanding command of the English language – impeccable writing, spelling, grammar, punctuation and proofreading skills
  • Excellent time management skills; ability to work to and drive deadlines
  • Ability to work to brief and spec
  • Ability to empathise with the user/reader
  • High accountability and follow-through capabilities
  • Ability to think laterally, strategically and creatively
  • A willingness to embrace change and to adapt strategies on the fly
  • Excellent technical communicator with an understanding of the fundamentals of content organisation, use, reuse and structure
  • The ability to think like an educator or coach, and intuitively understand what the target audiences need to know, plus the delivery methods best suited to how they want to/are able to consume information
  • Proactive, able to learn new technologies quickly, adapt to changing priorities, and deliver on deadline
  • Excellent time management skills with the ability to prioritise assignments and ensure good project execution
  • Excellent collaboration skills: able to work well with colleagues at all levels and across sites, and build great relationships with internal/external clients and subject matter experts
  • Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardisation exists
  • Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram, or schedule form

Personal attributes

You are …

  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • Good work ethic
  • Ability to be calm under pressure and be very organised
  • Energetic, passionate, open and willing to learn
  • Self-disciplined and motivated
  • Ability to work in a close-knit team environment
  • Curious
  • Presentable
  • Inspirational
  • Courageous
  • Passionate
  • Good sense of humour

Here’s how you can apply

Please read the following carefully – it’s important!

  • We need you at our home base in Cape Town, South Africa. This is not a remote position.
  • Language is core to our work, so please make sure you don’t have any spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Who we work with is just as important as what we do. Tell us about yourself! You can meet all of us on our team page!

Try to set yourself apart from the other applicants. Show us why you are special!

Please only get in touch if you’re able to meet all of these needs – we don’t want to disappoint you. 🙂