Senior Learning Solutions Architect

Cognician is among the best online learning platforms in the world. We have our eyes on the top spot and we’re looking for a learning solutions architect who wants to help us get there by managing some of our most significant learning partnerships. You’ll deal directly with multiple incredible companies, in South Africa, the UK, Europe and USA. The role is as much business development, as it is about building solutions. Ultimately, you’re responsible for maximising the value of these partnerships for all stakeholders.

If you’re the right person for the job, these three points will resonate with you:

  • Firstly, and most importantly, you’re deeply passionate about the world of learning. It gives you goosebumps to see the light of understanding in a learner’s eyes, whether it’s an 8-year-old learning to read or a 28-year-old learning to lead. You believe the world would be a better place if we were all lifelong learners, and you would leap out of bed every morning to work for a company that believes it too. We believe that anyone is capable of maximising their potential if they have the right tools, and it’s our mission to create those tools for our clients.
  • Secondly, you’re not the kind of person who punts products to prospects. You build relationships and you craft solutions for your clients, because you care deeply about their long-term success, not just the short-term bottom line. What makes you good at creating success for your clients is a deep sense of curiosity and creativity. You are internally motivated to learn everything there is to know about the customers you serve and to help them solve their problems. Above all, you’re a master at diagnosing the causes of problems, and designing effective solutions. This is how you improve the bottom line – not by driving senseless sales.
  • Thirdly, you’re not a lone wolf. You’re a collaborator. You believe in pulling your team members together to achieve a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. And you don’t just do this internally. Your partners and your clients are part of your team as well, and you lead your collective efforts with confidence, energy and humility.

Now we urge you to re-read every line above. Every word. If every detail resonates with you, then we’d love to chat with you. Curious? Inspired? Then read on to discover what you might do in a typical week.


  • Plan your calls for the week with clients in South Africa, the UK, Europe and the USA.
  • Check in with key contacts at our partner by phone.
  • Join the product development team meeting to plan production for the week for our partner and their clients.
  • You have a call with a major South African manufacturer to demonstrate the products we’ve been building with our partner for the last three years. These kinds of calls are nearly always joint calls with key stakeholders from our partner. On the call, you’re not only showing what we can offer, you’re asking questions that get the client to focus on the opportunities that these products represent in their environment. During the call, you record minutes and action items in WorkLife, our online agenda software. After the call, you share the notes with all stakeholders and follow up with a mail to drive next steps.
  • You connect to three new prospects on LinkedIn.
  • You finish the day by reviewing the latest client material from our production team.


  • You visit the marketing team at our partner to discuss the latest updates to collateral.
  • You prepare for a kick-off call with one of our partner’s European clients. You study the LinkedIn profiles of the people you’re about to meet on the call. On the call you hear that the client wants Cognician to create a custom learning programme for its supply chain team. Throughout the call you’re asking questions and you’re listening. You’re asking about the outcomes they want to achieve with their programme, and you’re probing for details that will help us to construct an ideal learning solution. You notice the client’s throw-away comments, which represent opportunities to create value for the client, our partner and Cognician. As always, you record minutes and action items in WorkLife and you mail all stakeholders after the call to drive next steps.
  • You start working on a proposal for the European client. You’re following the ADDIE model and you’re analysing the company’s learning requirements by trying to understand the ideal individual mindset that would contribute to the outcome they want to achieve.
  • You research the client’s challenge on the internet and by reaching out to our partner’s subject matter expert network.
  • You have two more calls with our partner’s clients to demonstrate our partner’s existing Cognician-based product offering.
  • You raise two new invoices for work done on our partner’s products.
  • You post a thought-provoking question on Twitter based on some of the challenges you’ve been discussing with clients this week. You get several retweets and follows, most of which are superficial, but you reach out to one of them, which represents a new opportunity.


  • You visit our partner to discuss the production schedule for new content. You also discuss the latest batch of translations from English to Mandarin. On returning to the office, you prepare a quote for our share of the work.
  • Three more calls today. These clients are all from the UK, and they’re planning to roll out our partner’s existing Cognician-based product offering. One of them is also doing a major custom development project with Cognician.
  • You prepare an initial cost estimate for the custom development job.
  • You brief the production team on the major custom development project with the UK client, which will begin next week and last for at least three months.
  • You build a project plan for this custom development job in collaboration with the production team and our COO. To do this you use Teamgantt, an online project development package.
  • You mail the client and share the project plan with them for comment.
  • You also begin the onboarding process for one of our partner’s clients in Europe, who signed up last week. This includes setting them up on our platform and ensuring correct permissions are set between our partner’s platform and ours, and that all group member’s details and permissions are accurate. There is zero margin for error here.


  • At 6am you fly to Johannesburg to meet one of our partner’s major manufacturing clients. You’re attending a learning and development planning meeting, where you can help the client to plan their blended learning programme for operators and team leaders, which will span the next 12 months.
  • While in Joburg, you take the opportunity to check in with two of our banking clients who are not directly related to our partner.
  • Throughout the day you are communicating with the Cognician team in Cape Town through Flowdock, our online chat space.
  • You also call key contacts at our partner to update them on your meeting.
  • You fly home at 5pm. On the flight home you read another chapter of “Mastering the Complex Sale” by Jeff Thull.


  • You meet a new prospect for a breakfast. You discuss the benefits and limitations of trends such as “social learning” and “informal learning” and relate stories to illustrate the power, benefits and value of self-coaching, reflection and self-expression as primary learning methodologies. Your stories resonate with the prospect and you conclude breakfast by scheduling a follow-up meeting with the prospect and her executive team to plan what a Cognician solution might look like.
  • Our partner’s UK-based client who wants to do a three-month custom-developed learning project with Cognician has come back to us and requested a few changes to our project plan. You adjust timelines and tasks accordingly in collaboration with our COO and the production team, and you get back to the client, who signs off later in the day.
  • The client also accepts the cost estimate, so you prepare an official quote for sign-off.
  • You assign tasks to the production team for the three-month project using Asana, our online task management package.
  • You raise three new invoices for the production team’s weekly work for our partner.
  • You visit one of our partner’s Cape-based manufacturing clients to demonstrate our existing offering. The client is keen to move ahead on this offering, so you collaborate with our partner to begin setting them up. During the visit you recognise an opportunity to do some custom development on top of the existing offering, so you set up a follow-on meeting with more stakeholders to discuss the options.

And here are some other things you might have done

  • Raised invoices for work done for our partner’s clients
  • Attended a learning or tech conference, where you might have presented a paper
  • Participated in learning workshops for our clients
  • Joined a sales university for our partner’s international network of sales consultants
  • Attended a dinner for visiting clients
  • Joined a significant evening call with a major Australian or American client
  • Wrote a blog post on blended learning for our blog
  • Wrote a white paper on blended learning for the downloads section of our website
  • Wrote a proposal for a paper to be presented at a conference
  • Invited a guest speaker to attend our monthly mind meld
  • Set up three more clients – and several thousand users – on our platform with perfect accuracy
  • Created new presentation slides for showcasing our new mobile-enabled technology

Job description

  • Crafting learning solutions for clients
  • Writing proposals for learning solutions for clients
  • Briefing the production team on the creation of partner products and customised learning programmes
  • Collaborating with our COO to manage the production of new content for our partner and their clients, with effective daily and monthly management and planning of work, ensuring that deadlines and quality standards are met
  • Creating and managing a sales budget for all sales related to our partner and their clients, and driving for results around your sales targets
  • Continually seeking opportunities to grow our client base via our partner’s clients by adding genuine value to their companies
  • Ensuring a seamless working environment by providing effective cross-functional communication
  • Ensuring that all client knowledge built up in the course of work is effectively managed, stored and maintained for current and future use
  • Ensuring that all company procedures, systems and methodologies are followed and maintained
  • Ensuring that all reporting responsibilities are met and that the exco are kept updated on project progress and developments
  • Continually investing in gaining industry knowledge
  • Continually improving personal, technical and soft skills
  • Continually sharing knowledge

Company description

Cognician is a learning platform that makes behaviour change sustainable at scale through reflective learning.

Our self-coaching platform and learning methodology help companies to change the mindsets, attitudes and behaviours of their people, on a scale that is not possible with instructor-led training or coaching.

We partner with consulting firms to build change support programmes for their clients. And we build customised learning and change programmes for large organisations.


  • Bachelor’s degree or similar
  • Minimum 7 years total corporate experience
  • 5 years’ minimum business development, account management or similar experience
  • A background in technology, or HR or corporate learning


You have…

  • Excellent writing and influencing skills
  • Pitch-perfect email etiquette
  • Einsteinian problem-solving skills
  • Jobsian presentation skills
  • Excellent command of MS Office or Google docs
  • General comfort in working with multiple software platforms
  • And if you’re like the rest of our team, you probably have some arcane skill or accomplishment that makes for good banter


Some knowledge of manufacturing and/or supply chain management would be a major plus

Personal skills/attributes

You are…

  • Goal-oriented
  • Results-driven
  • Solutions-focused
  • Perseverance personified
  • Thorough
  • Meticulous
  • Likable
  • Curious
  • Careful
  • Considerate
  • Creative
  • Helpful
  • Comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity

And if you are indeed all of these things, then we can’t wait to hear from you! To apply, email us on: