Leadership Accelerator

Help your managers unlock their highest potential and transform into exemplary, innovative leaders.

Leadership Accelerator is a suite of more than 200 coaching guides that helps managers to identify their weaknesses and coach themselves to excellence.

Created in partnership with Cycan, a leadership and talent acceleration company, it is based on more than 25 years of executive coaching experience, and delivered via a powerful self-directed learning platform.

This course inspires real change in organizations, and is a scalable reinforcement tool that can be used to augment other coaching and development initiatives.

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Help your team develop simple habits that make a big difference to customers and colleagues.

Delight at Work™ is a suite of conversational guides that helps people in client-facing organizations deliver delightful experiences to their customers in a consistent and sustainable way.

The mission is not simply to get employees to give great service. Nor even just to go the extra mile. The goal is to nurture a delight-oriented mindset in all employees so that delivering outstanding customer experiences becomes a personal pleasure and a regular habit.

Because it's only when employees are delighted at work that you begin to see delight at work!

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So, your employees have completed the Clifton StrengthFinder® assessment. Now what?

StrengthsEngage™ is the next step in unlocking their results and becoming the most effective performers they can be!

While unlocking strengths is a very personal journey, giving your employees the opportunity to harness their abilities will dramatically improve your human capital.

Specifically, the StrengthsEngage™ program will help your business to achieve:

  • Improved performance – guiding people to harness their themes and become more efficient and productive
  • More effective collaboration – enabling people to recognize themes in others and adjust their behavior for better harmony
  • Better teamwork – giving people a common vocabulary to discuss what they bring to the group
  • Improved retention – confirming your commitment to the growth of your employees' potential
  • Greater employee engagement – connecting your team on a level that's deeply and personally meaningful

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Customer of the Future™

A digital coaching solution for front line employees and supervisors

The Customer of the Future™ program is an experiential, digital coaching tool designed to help your employees win the hearts and minds of today’s discerning and demanding customers.

Using real-world examples and an engaging, provocative approach, The Customer of the Future™ program unlocks the tools and techniques to go “above and beyond” to build long lasting relationships with customers. Employees of every generation and tenure will become skilled customer service professionals who embrace opportunities to delight customers with every interaction.

In today’s customer-driven economy, The Customer of the Future™ program empowers your front line employees with the tools and desire necessary to build long lasting bottom line results for your organization.

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Mindful Revolution

Help your team develop the habit of mindfulness.

Mindful Revolution online supports the habit of Mindfulness practice by bringing you and your company all of the benefits, anywhere, anytime.

Mindful Revolution encourages intense commitment to the practice of mindfulness. It takes energy, discipline and a heartfelt dedication. It’s this consistent practice that leads us to deep self-knowledge, liberation and compassion for others.

What are some of the features?

  • Learning in your own context through an easily navigable, chat-based interface.
  • The ability to assess and track your progress throughout your Mindful Revolution journey.
  • Your mindfulness toolbox – packed with great practices to support your journey.
  • Your mindfulness journal for you to monitor your progress and your mindfulness journey.
  • Extensive collaboration: view group activity, and start conversations on the platform!
  • Regular communications, pings and support on all things mindful for your practice.
  • Rigorous reporting and tracking capabilities.

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Cognician, in collaboration with Dr. Bernardo Ferdman, has developed a first-of-its-kind diversity and inclusion program. Inclusion@Work™ challenges participants to assess their practice of inclusion in the workplace and combine that knowledge with industry leading expertise. The result is a program designed from the ground up to create, sustain, and support an inclusive environment.

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