Boosting credibility at Allianz
Discover how Allianz used the Credibility Quest to enhance the communication skills of leadership and client-facing staff, and improve financial performance.
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A case study about boosting financial performance through improved communication

Read about how Allianz used the Credibility Quest to unlock financial growth by practicing and mastering the soft skills necessary to become better communicators.

To improve communication, Allianz needed a program that would enable:

  • Continuous practice in limited time frames
  • Bite-sized practice sessions to improve skills
  • Self-observation
  • Personalized feedback

In response, the Credibility Quest provided:

  • 30 lessons focusing on 5 key skills: posture, voice, eye contact, eliminating fillers, and avoiding uptalk
  • Guided virtual coaching with video lessons, online practice exercises, and offline practice suggestions
  • A self-paced format with email invitations to lessons and follow-up emails with key takeaways

The program produced these results:

  • 100% of users engaged
  • 94.75% of learners said they enjoyed the program
  • 94.75% of learners said they learned something that would be helpful in everyday interactions
  • 21.2% increase in financial growth for the cohort over a year

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